SpaceMan_Coworking App
Concepting | Art Direction | Asset Development | Branding | Identity System

SpaceMan is a space management app for co-working and multi-use spaces. We were hired to create an identity system, brand, and design concept for the app.

_About SpaceMan
The “space man” pulled from “space management” lent itself perfectly to the theme and direction we took the brand. We focused on the metaphor of the space in the sky as a representation for space in the office. Because this app had a technology/marketing focus, we were allowed creative freedom to get a bit funky and play heavily off the space pun, mixed with some mechanical images and shapes. Images such as rockets and launchpads also gave a nod to the cutting-edge, tech businesses that facilitate such modern practices as coworking spaces. Within the outer space theme, we created a lot of cool iconography necessary for an app. We used these throughout several screen backgrounds. We chose an out-of-this-world color palette and softer sans serif for the SpaceMan font.


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