Quack Daddy Donuts

PROJECT: Brand Development & Design


Deliverables: Identity Design | Custom Illustration | Environment/Space Design |

Package & Merchandise | Concepting | Web Design

Quack Daddy Donuts is a wholly owned donut shop located in Historic Pendleton, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. The shop features specialty, from-scratch donuts with a creative twist. Every customer can custom order donuts with icings and topping of their choice. With a name already established, we had the challenge of developing a wholistic brand that showed the uniqueness, creativity, and community dedication of Quack Daddy Donuts.
After a whirlwind year of success, owners Brian & Lisa, came to us with Quack Daddy Donuts. They needed more than a logo and a name. They needed brand that reflected their values, their creativity, and of course, their donuts!

After many illustrations and renderings, we landed on a redesign of the old QDD logo, keeping their mallard duck. We implemented a hand-drawn refresh of the duck, with vibrant colors. We also designed a new simple, modern sub-logo icon that will be used for merchandising, interior design assets, donut boxes, and more. 

Original Logo


New Logo

After delivering a new identity system and brand guide, we developed a new website and print design assets for Quack Daddy Donuts. We then worked with an interior designer on branded space design and branded assets for the shop.  We love working with this fun team, and continue a relationship of concepting, designing, and scaling one of Central Indiana’s most delicious hidden gems.

Illustrated Poster Prints & Map

We custom-illustrated 6 poster prints featuring our pun concept for the interior of the donut shop and created coloring pages with opportunities for kids of all ages to create their own donut puns. Additionally, we designed a Quack Daddy Wall Map of places where you can go in town to enjoy your donut! All of these are concepts were designed with franchise potential in mind.
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