Purdue Polytechnic Institute

Project: Event Design, Branding, Media


Deliverables: Logo Design | Media Strategy | Event Design | Concepting | Radio Scripting | Asset Design and Printing | Day-Of Planning and Coordination | Photography


  • Attendance: Attendance goal was 75-100 people for inaugural event. We achieved approximately 100 in attendance after final count.
  • Engagement: According to staff at both Red Gold and Purdue Polytechnic, engagement levels during the event were great and quality of applicants were good. As this event was cross promoting Red Gold, the RG and Purdue partnership program, and Purdue Polytechnic programs, leads were split. Sentiment from Red Gold staff was overwhelmingly positive and they were excited about the leads coming from the event and future possibilities.
  • Purdue Leads: Purdue captured 75 non traditional student leads from this event and 3 potential applicants.
  • Promotion: Promotions showed above average engagement and response rates.
    • Email sends to undecided seniors hit 30% open rates, industry average is 16%.
    • Our wishpond event landing page saw nearly 900 views between June 9th-25th.
    • Overall promotions from print, radio and through social media were directed to Eventbrite and encouraging people to show up on the day of the event. Our Eventbrite registration hit 51 RSVPs out of 75 available, page saw 396 views. This was a non-ticketed open house style event and RSVPs were not required. With 51 RSVPs and over 100 in attendance, we exceeded the attendance goal by over 20%
    • Facebook promotions saw over 26,000 people reached, 21 event responses, and 99 actions over a 2 week period with $800 ad spend across 6 ads. Highest response rates came from demographic age group of 18-34, split pretty evenly M/F (males skewed younger, females skewed older).
SHIFT by Purdue Polytechnic Anderson
In late May of 2017, the director of Purdue Polytechnic Anderson was approached by their corporate partners at Red Gold about working together on a career fair. Anderson Creative was hired to brand, design, promote, and create an ongoing partnership strategy that would enhance recruitment efforts for both Purdue Polytechnic and Red Gold. With short timeline of only 3 weeks, we created a strategy around an ongoing continuing education and career advancement campaign.

The Brand:

The SHIFT brand was designed to resonate with undecided students, non-traditional students, and skip-year students. Co-branding with Red Gold left us with a distinct challenge to reach an audience that would be a good fit for both Purdue and Red Gold. We determined that these people would be looking for a change; a SHIFT in their education, their careers, and their lives. This broad message is intended to reach across demographics, but hit on pain points that resonate with quality candidates for both Purdue and Red Gold. The branded campaign is meant to tap into the idea of innovation and change- helping people see the potential in themselves and in Purdue Polytechic/Red Gold.

The unique event font gives an illusion of movement and change. The connection drop offs within the font allow the audience to use interpret the font in different ways, playing into the idea of shifting perspective. Adding to this, much of the geometric imagery within the brand slants right, giving the feeling of forward motion.

The event colors simply marry the Purdue brand with the Red Gold brand. The brand is designed to be flexible. As other companies join the SHIFT program, the color will adjust to fit the new events and campaigns. Black and gold remain constant within the event brand.
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