Promise Coffee Roasters

Promise Coffee Roasters was launched in October 2018 by Esta Henderson.


Esta provides fresh roasted coffee and donates a portion of her profits to local missions. The coffee beans are locally micro-roasted then hand-delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This venture was a big turn for Esta, having come from a non-profit background.


She partnered with Anderson Creative before its launch to introduce Promise Coffee Roasters and its unique mission to the world.

Story Behind the Bean

We listened as Esta unfurled how the dream of Promise Coffee Roasters came to be. God had given Esta the dream to start something with coffee, then slowly, things came together.

A brother who’d been dabbling in coffee roasting.
A friend who had connections to coffee farms in South America.
A personal understanding of the struggles for finances in mission work.

A plan for what to actually do with coffee formed and Esta learned the craft from the ground up.


We knew we needed to create a visual story that spoke to her remarkable journey developing and championing this unique business, as well as the heart behind it. We developed a delicate yet strong logo with accompanying standards and labels for packaging.

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I am so impressed with Anderson Creative and the talented crew there. They were so easy to talk to and fun to work with. They have a beautiful balance of professionalism, creative license, and relationship building. They made me feel valued, heard, & understood, which helped them build the perfect representation of my brand for me. I cannot stress how wonderful their customer service is and how extremely talented they all are!
-Owner, Esta Henderson
Care at Every Turn

Every stage of the business shows extreme care for the individuals involved.


✚ The beans are intentionally sourced, looking for quality, ethical practices and direct trade, from farmers Esta actually knows.


✚ They are then roasted under her watchful eyes, in small batches for the utmost control and quality assurance.


✚ The finished roasts are delivered to homes, often accompanied with an invitation inside to sample the product and chat about life.


✚ The missions supported offer safe places for children to be loved and clean drinking water in underdeveloped countries. Esta is intimately involved with both organizations, having ran and operated the youth ministry and participating on mission trips with the clean water initiative.


This intentional process provides a beautiful way for her to show love to the world around her.  

Logo's Softer Side

All of these expressions of care differentiate Promise Coffee Roasters from its competition. This softness is translated into the visual story through our organic coffee stains. The irregular lines of the stains, ranging from nearly transparent and spotty to thick and oversized, speak to the life in the brand.  Drips and spills denote people, movement. Fluidity and relationship. Human hands have touched this product. The stains can be mixed and matched, stacked or pulled apart, to add dimension or intrigue to content pieces or the website.

Strong Counterpoint

The consideration put into Promise Coffee Roasters is matched only by the hard work. Esta’s story mimics the old american dream, where one learns a trade, perfects the craft, and does the right thing along the way. One can trust in the inherent promise of a quality product, of being treated fairly by this brand. This aesthetic favors strong, traditionally-masculine elements. The vintage “P” acts as the focal point of the logo. It beckons back to old diner neons, and the no-nonsense service you could bet on.


The ‘P’ is followed in strength by the sans-serif “PROMISE” and acts as the base of the logo. All aspects of the brand fall back on that inherent promise of care.

The interplay of modern and vintage, soft and hard, balances throughout the identity system. A straight line is always met with an uncertain curve. The overall effect is trust in a handmade & heartfelt process.

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Palettable Packaging

We researched the countries of origin for each roast in the Promise Coffee Roasters’ lineup and fell for the colors of the Peruvian culture. There we found both bright and soft tones, like brilliant blues and reds as well as delicate greens and dusty oranges, each of which inhabit a facet of our blended visual story.


We developed a larger palette to allow for sub-branding within packaging. Each roast’s label is customized by its creator, choosing colors from the palette that reinforce taste profiles and countries of origin. Stronger Nicaraguan flavors demand a bright red, while subtle notes of nutmeg and cinnamon elicit a softer orange. The endless color combinations offer Esta options for specific roast identities as she continues to experiment and progress her line of coffee.

All Wrapped Up

Anderson Creative highlights the heart of Promise Coffee Roasters in this balanced identity system. From logo, to color, to typography; one can sense the spirit in the roaster and roast alike.

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