Martin Insurance

Martin Insurance Group was established in 1984 as an independent agency. They provide coverage for personal, small business and agriculture. Their success allowed them to open a second office location, prompting a re-examination of their brand. We collaborated with the Martin team to craft the tagline, “The Art of Caring,” highlighting their unique ability to take helping people to a level of professionalism. A vibrant identity system emerged for this modern and caring agency.  

Working with Anderson Creative has been such a breath of fresh air. Not only are they incredibly talented in what they do, but they make the process so much fun! Before our brand refresh with Anderson Creative, we had a difficult time with the color continuity when printing and designing assets for our insurance agency. Now, with the comprehensive brand guide that Anderson Creative built for us, we no longer have that issue. This has been a game changer for us! Anderson Creative also designed our new website and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Our old website was due for a face lift and they went above and beyond to give it just that! We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an exceptional group of people.

-Owner, Tyler Martin


Our first meeting with the Martin crew was a family affair. Martin is a second generation shop, originating with Julia Martin and passed on to her son, Tyler. His wife, Stacy, is an agent as well.  Their dynamic was open and honest. They donned warm smiles instead of stuffy suits. They spoke of their team and customer base with affection and familiarity. Staff interviews and research garnered the same sentiment. Real people, ready to help. It became clear the inviting, familial air is what elevates team Martin in the world of dime-a-dozen insurance agencies.

With Experience to Back it up

They’ve been doing this for the better part of thirty years in a broad scope of industries. They have all the resources & know-how of a national chain, yet their delivery is never condescending or deceitful. Agents are known for their industry and are the trusted foundation of the business.

The 'Art' of Martin

Martin’s ability to turn a normally sterile, anxiety-ridden life errand into an enjoyable experience, where you leave both taken care of and cared for, is a white rabbit in liability land. The joke sentiment that developed between the Martin and Anderson Creative teams became,


“Martin: insurance that doesn’t suck.”


Their extensive scope mixed with their relatively small size makes Martin a unique and attractive agency. The care and passion of their team turns protecting what you love into an art form. Their new brand strategy highlights this interplay of practiced and personal in color and form.

Color Coding

Deep blues and reds dominate the landscape of most insurance agencies. These colors symbolize trust and safety. Martin exemplifies these ideals, but their warmth & personality demanded more.


We combined the industry reds and blues to create our brand-foundation purple. Rich and dark, this color inhabits the authoritative air & protective mores an insurance agency must embody, but with added glamour. Lighter blue and yellow hues brighten the palette and reference the affable atmosphere of Martin. Finally, we kept a dramatic red to emphasize the urgency of protecting what matters most.


The neutrals and negative space add an air of professionalism and modernity.

From Underlying Philosophy to Forefront Brand

The visual story of Martin Insurance is fed by their core strengths: trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable, welcoming and bright. A mixture of strength and playfulness, knowledge and accessibility came together to form a strong identity and refreshing philosophy in the long-standing field of insurance.

Mighty 'M'

A stacked logo with display/subheader typography pairing gave Martin the most versatility in use. A traditional sans serif littered with fun, unexpected breaks for “Martin Insurance” brings the dichotomous traits of the brand into harmony.


We still needed a strong, foundational counterpoint to our bright color palette. The imposing ‘M’ of the icon combined with the color diamond (the second cousin of the color wheel) are balanced and symmetrical. That weighty ‘M’ would have your back on the playground. When seen in negative space or transparent, the ‘M’ implies the foundation of security Martin stands on. The space that emerges under the ‘M’ creates a broad arrow. This and the other shapes of the icon extract to form dynamic design elements used to liven up tamer compositions. 

The new icon begged to be used on merchandise.

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Minimal meets Man

The modern, stark design of the website veers from the status quo of insurance agencies. No long, boring explanations of benefits or industry-term glossaries. Instead simple, brief overviews with CTAs that encourage human interaction anchor each section. Playful photography highlights both the agents and people worth protecting. The varying aesthetics of clean structure and complex life coalesce to crescendo in the uniquely bold Martin Insurance.

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