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Venture 69
Venture 69 is a marketing and economic development program spearheaded by the Corporation for Economic Development in Madison County, Indiana. The idea for the Venture 69 project is to raise awareness of successful business development along an I-69 sector, with the intention of attracting additional corporate and industrial operations to locate along this same corridor. The CED Madison County team hired our team of creatives to create a brand and map-based website surrounding the initiative, aiming to raise awareness and attract further business development.
About The Brand
As we worked through the brand development of the Venture 69 Corridor, we knew that it was anticipated that the branding decisions made would be a recognizable part of the area’s promotional efforts for the next 10 years, and making those choices were of great importance.

Name: The brand name Venture 69, needed to incorporate the I69 corridor affiliation, while encompassing the many opportunities along the stretch of highway. Venture was the right choice to define those vast opportunities.
Colors: The brand colors were chosen as a bold interpretation of a traditional midwestern color palette (blues, reds, golds, blacks), bridging the gap between an industrial history and a technological future.

Typography: The brand fonts were chosen to represent forward motion, innovation, and comfort. Comfortaa was chosen to reflect a highway corridor. The rounded edges of the font are meant to compliment the stark edges of the color blocks in the logo stamp. The bad script font is used all lower case, and meant to show out of the box innovation and forward movement.

Logo: Upon review and researching hundreds of marks and stamps, we found that this project was an exciting opportunity to introduce concepts we found in many international regional branding projects.  The logo mark represents the past, present, and future of the area. Each block builds on the other, creating a diverse, inviting, and colorful story.
About the Website
Equally as important as the brand, was the development of a custom website that features an interactive map and information about the corridor’s assets and amenities. We developed an interactive map that points out and gives information related to economic development and business needs. The map features cities, railroads, exit information, utilities, educational partners, major private employers, development sites, and business parks.
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