The Logan Institute for Health and Wellness

Project: Identity System Design, Branding, Media & Web


Deliverables: Logo Design | Identity System | Web Design | Asset Design and Printing | Photography | Space Design Consulting | Packaging Concepting


  • Increased number of new patients and rapid practice growth upon website and new brand launch. The practice is looking to hire more medical staff to care for growing number of patients.
  • Increased productivity. Everyone in the office now has easy, and ready access to design assets.
  • Positive current patient reaction to brand and website launch. Reports from client show patients “love the new look and increased functionality of our office!”
  • Positive employee and company culture response. The rebrand served to re-energize and motivate staff.

The Logan Institute

The Logan Institute for Health and Wellness is a skilled team of holistic medical practitioners in Fishers, Indiana led by Dr. Kevin Logan. The Logan Institute focuses on a partnership with their clients, engaging with them to find the root cause of their health concerns. They focus on each client’s wellness journey, and improving the quality and longevity of lives throughout their practice.


After Anderson Creative founder and creative director, Arin Anderson, became a patient of the Logan Institute she knew it was something special. Anderson Creative began talks with the Logan Institute team about creating a brand and identity system that would better tell their story, and reflect their mission and growth goals.


The Logan Institute opened it’s doors in 2003 as one of the only holistic, integrated medical practices in central Indiana. The practices features a full integrated medical team, nutritionist, physical therapist, massage therapist, and natural pharmacy.

The Brand

The brand design for The Logan Institute started with a series of 3 discovery meetings. We interviewed Dr. Logan, his medical staff, and his administrative staff. We then conducted secondary industry research based on the idea that The Logan Institute is a fusion of medicine, holistic practice, and natural wellness. We studied the private practice medical field, health and wellness field, and natural products field. Each research phase added a layer to the identity system we were creating. Ultimately, our team landed on a water color based identity system with a simple leaf mark. The watercolor iteration of the simple leaf icon served to reflect the many layers of Dr. Logan’s practice as well as play to the natural focus of his techniques. The “i” in the middle of the leaf boasts a small tail showing an abstract “L”, allowing the mark to stand alone as it signified “Logan Institute (LI). The “i” can also be viewed as a person surrounded by the watercolor leaf signifying the patient-practice relationship.

Identity and Packaging

This identity system was designed to expand and enhance the Logan Institute brand. The practice expressed interest in developing and extensive system that would allow them to expand on their brand in the following areas: pharmacy, customized medical programs, proprietary medicine blends, and natural products. We created a full color system including main brand colors, complimentary colors, and neutrals. We created the watercolor mark in every color, to be used as the practice grows. We also picked two branded typefaces, Amaranth and Titillium Web. Amaranth is an organic, friendly font with distinctive curves. We then knew we needed to pair this with a practical sans serif paragraph font that was easy to read (hello medical documents!), Titillium Web offered a fresh, modern take on a web-friendly sans serif font. Together they reflect both the organic, friendly and serious medical ideals of Dr. Logan’s practice.
Stationary Mock Ups
Device Frame
Device Frame


Device Frame


A selection of the 2 day photoshoot of the Logan Institute including office, equipment, product, stock, team, and staged images. 


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