D F Crosley specializes in innovative products that are designed to prevent and recover from many skin and hoof ailments across multiple species of animals. D F Crosley’s products are based on natural, antimicrobial ingredients that are both environmentally sound and safe for the animals. They came to us as “Spot Treat,” but that didn’t really differentiate them from any other treatment one could find on the shelves.  We moved over to D F Crosley to convey the chemist himself meticulously crafting and testing their formula. D F Crosley gave it a time-tested, vintage feel that better suited their highly praised product.
D F Crosley came to Anderson Creative to create a cohesion across their brand verticals that could eventually translate to greater web sales. They realized their skillset as chemists and entrepreneurs, not designers, and asked us to take their business to the next level. We created a new logo, packaging and website wireframe that highlighted their unique product to their various markets.


D F Crosley’s products use copper and zinc ions to treat common skin and hoof problems and can be used across livestock species. This type of product appealed to equestrians and cattle farmers alike, and needed represented in a way that appealed to both distinct audiences.


The brand emerged as a blend between time-honored, rustic images and an artisanal, modern twist.
We chose the formulator’s name, D F Crosley, for the product to emphasize the care he put into it and the trustworthiness of the brand. You have to really believe in what you made to put your namesake on it.


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