FC Tucker

FC Tucker is the largest independent real estate firm in Indiana.


FC Tucker excels in their field because of the experience they offer their clients. Whether buying or selling, one can expect a smooth and enjoyable process. In recent years, their ad campaigns focused on the superior technology that streamlines this process. Now, with their 100 year anniversary looming, FC Tucker came to us to realign marketing efforts back to their foundational strength, people.

Expressed & Addressed

Collaboration with FC Tucker’s Senior VP of Marketing brought our focus to conversation. Having one’s needs expressed and adequately addressed is a lost art of sales. Nothing conjures more trust and security than feeling truly heard. And with a objective so stressful and important as one’s home, nothing is more critical. Based on these sentiments, we worked together to produce a campaign direction that focused on common needs of clients, both buying and selling, and the solutions FC Tucker offers. We worked inside existing brand standards, and added new features to keep the campaign quintessentially Tucker, yet specifically tailored to their advertising goals.


We built the design elements and handed them off to their marketing team to strategically employ.

“Our project had a few unique challenges including a tight deadline, multiple objectives for multiple audiences; it was complex. Anderson Creative understood the core issue and helped rise above all the roadblocks resulting in a really robust product. We collaborated on concept development, creative development, video and still photography and website creation. The result is impressive. We have a fresh, vibrant campaign with very intentional messaging and a brand guide more complete than I’ve ever seen. We are truly pleased.”


-Claire Belby, Senior Vice President, Marketing F.C. Tucker Co., Indianapolis

Our campaign theme featured a set of call and response statements for different buying/selling scenarios FC Tucker clients might find themselves in. Each statement is first-person conversational, allowing readers to easily slip into an active role.  

This stripped down, back-and-forth approach reminds clients their comfort is paramount. 

Walking the Talk

The answer to these statements, “i talk to tucker,”  provided easy to use, call-to-actions for web, social media and print advertisements. The lack of capitalization in these CTAs subtly reinforces the air of familiarity. 


Real FCT clients that had experienced the specific scenario were found and interviewed, adding meat to bones and providing versatile content for various content platforms.

Device Frame
Font & Photo

A supplemental campaign typeface was introduced to both complement the existing brand font and mirror real-life, relaxed handwriting.


Photography and video standards focused on conversation and body language, enhancing the relational element of a client and FCT agent.  

From top to bottom, each aspect of the campaign showcased the intimate experience you can still expect to receive from this powerhouse agency.

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