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Ancient Brew is a superfood, cold-brew coffee based on ancient wisdom backed by today’s science.


Owner and creator, Josh Lee, began a vegan diet that changed his life and became the catalyst for discovering truly transformative health practices. Josh unearthed the power and biology of specific superfoods that great historic civilizations had harnessed for centuries. They naturally help with everything from heart disease, focus, anti-aging, cell health and vitamin intake.


He found balancing a mixture of these nutrient-rich juggernauts with his morning cup of coffee could convert a guilty pleasure into a life-giving habit.


Josh came to us for an identity system for this new product, and left with one for his lifestyle brand as well. We worked in collaboration with Josh and his business team, structuring Ancient Brew as a sub-brand under Body of Minds. This provides a unified identity as Body of Minds expands in the future with new products.


The full system is characterized by what the ancients understood all too well, the natural world mirrors and intersects with the human body in truly powerful ways.


Color inspiration for the overarching system came from the lands of the ingredients and wisdom themselves. Deep sea blue, white and specifically gold are the foundational colors of this system and can be found abounding in Egyptian and Peruvian artifacts. Their gleaming gold tombs and extravagant jewelry immediately come to mind.


These colors imbue ancient royalty and the innovations the societies brought to the world under their stead. The power and knowledge we associate with these great civilizations match the driving force behind these brands.



Our secondary palette marks the rich hues found in the natural materials of the civilizations. They had a clear understanding of all the earth had to provide and how to utilize it in their own lives, including aesthetics.


The colorful yet subdued mineral tones represent health and renewal.


The Body of Minds logo draws on the early practice of alchemy to represent the balance and interconnectedness between the earth, our minds and our bodies. Sacred geometry, seen in the circles and segmented lines, helped an alchemist focus his energy to change one thing into another. Body of Minds does the same, rejuvenating and transforming the state of major body systems with natural resources.


Maca root becomes memory.


Lion’s Mane becomes focus.


The logo is all about the balance and connection integral in this holistic approach.


Three images, the root, chalice and flower, dominate and flow from one to another in this superfood coffee brand visualization. Symbols of the richness of the earth, what we put in our bodies and beauty key in on the major characteristics of what makes Ancient Brew special.


A drink from this cup provides much more than just a pick-me-up.

Master Gold 600

We had so much fun creating iterations for this logo system that some rejected logo comps, usually doomed for Google Doc graveyards, were requested for package design. Heavy illustration grabs attention in the busy world of beverage packaging. The detailed skull and Incan palette hint at the hidden wisdom of eras gone-by waiting inside. The gold color gold foil provides sheen and dimension to the logo illustration. Brown, opaque bottles, reminiscent of old-timey medicine, add trust, connection and intrigue.


Each element adds a factor that beckons the buyer to pick up the bottle and learn more.


Symbols of the holy grail and lotus, as well as alchemy, all allude to rebirth and eternal life in different cultures. Ancient Brew and Body of Minds don’t pretend to make you immortal. But they do promise that each moment you have on this earth will be filled with the most life and vitality that it can be, with their help.

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