Niche Marketing, Revisited.3 min read

Niche Marketing, Revisited.3 min read

A while back a friend and colleague of mine asked me to guest post on her company’s blog about Niche Marketing. Many businesses are guilty, at some point or another, of hiding behind their industry “niche” and hoping it is enough to propel them to the front of the crowd. Here is what I had to say about that then, and what I still stand behind today:

Content and Niche Marketing, such an obvious pairing…right? It seems natural that these two recently redefined and refocused marketing tactics would work harmoniously in nurturing the healthy and happy hatching of your brand.

The challenge lies in celebrating your content and not hiding behind your niche.

With all the buzz surrounding the idea of Niche Marketing, it seems only suiting to look at the origin of the word before its adaptation as an adjective in today’s marketing world.

From Merriam-Webster online:

The first known use of the word niche was in 1611 from the French word nicher, meaning “to nest”

At first glance, it seems obvious – Yes, you want to find your place to nest. Find your marketing niche and settle in.  The trick is finding and developing great content to support your choice.

The often understated beauty of niche marketing is that nobody knows your content like you do. And, nobody can talk about it the way you can.

So what is holding you back from great content? Are you hiding behind a niche? While finding your niche can help you effectively settle into a good content model, don’t let it make you lazy and don’t let yourself fall into the background of your “niche”.

Here are five points to keeping your content on top of the niche, not under the radar:

  1. Define…and redefine your audience.  Audiences change, grow, adapt and develop just like companies. Be sure to regularly assess your audience, their needs, and communication preferences.
  2. Impart knowledge…carefully.  Be the expert, but don’t rely on the technical aspects of your niche to define your content. Find creative ways to address your audience and prepare them accordingly. Remember, they only know your brand based on what you say and how you say it.
  3. Set your tone.  Find a communication style that reflects your company, your message and your audience. You don’t have to mimic the tone of your niche. Define your own, take a risk and set your own standard.  
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  If your content is running dry, don’t rely solely on your niche to boost it- people can and will get bored. Ask what they’d like to hear, buy or see. Do case studies, surveys and focus groups. Don’t get lazy! Do the leg work and great content will follow.
  5. Respond with a personal and timely approach.  Generally people respond to great content with content. Whether it be a service review, blog comment, tweet, email or letter in the mail, be ready to respond to what people have to say.

No matter your brand, product, or service- -don’t let your niche define you. Remember, finding that nesting place is a great start, but quality content and constant review of your processes are what will propel you forward.

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