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It was the start of summer, 1996. Dvds were just launched in Japan, internet explorer 3 was released, and everyone in my third grade class had been asking Jeeves everything they could think of for months. But even with all the impending electronic distractions, summer still meant neighborhood baseball games, flashlight tag, and lemonade stands.

Looking forward to Lemonade Day 2016 this week, there’s something innately nostalgic about watching young entrepreneurs build and run lemonade stands. I remember that summer in 1996, my best friend Mandy and I cooked up the perfect plan. We had two kinds of homemade lemonade. We had animal crackers that we brushed with butter and cinnamon sugar and baked. We had started with $5 each. We made signs with posters and sidewalk chalk all over the neighborhood. We made $500 between the two of us that beautiful week of summer.

In years since, I’ve used that example of entrepreneurship to encourage my daughter to work hard and find joy in building something of her own. We have been setting up Lemonade stands together since she was 5 and are honored to be championing Lemonade Day Indy in our home community of Pendleton.

This year Anderson Creative and the Town of Pendleton are proud to be sending hundreds of kids through the program throughout this week and on Saturday!

Read the official press release here.

 To our friends and colleagues in and around Pendleton: there’s still time to sign up!

Visit indianapolis.lemonadeday.org to get registered and we’ll see you out this Saturday!

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