Announcing Creative Breaks2 min read

Announcing Creative Breaks2 min read

Creativity is one of the most underrated human characteristics in today’s world. It is simultaneously revered as one of the most important personal values and professional characteristics a person can possess. So why is it that 80% of US and UK residents report they feel pressure to be productive rather than creative at work while most managers deem creativity the most important leadership quality in the workplace?

The Answer? History. 

In a 1980s essay by Władysław Tatarkiewicz, it is found that the concept of modern creativity wasn’t established until the Renaissance. Ancient cultures viewed the arts as a form of discovery not innovation. People were makers, not creators. Creative processes weren’t even thought of until the late 19th century. The term creativity itself wasn’t coined until 1927, and wasn’t a topic of conceptualization until the 1950’s.

Simply put: people were producers, not creators.

Fast Forward

Progress. We have effectively moved from a society that didn’t recognize the concept of creativity to a culture that craves it. According to a study by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors, art in the workplace reduces stress (78% agree), increases creativity (64% agreed) and encourages expression of opinions (77% agreed).

Cue Creative Breaks

So now that you have the facts, it’s time for a creative break. It’s been proven time and time again that giving ourselves time to think, explore, and create makes us better. Better at our jobs. Better with our families. Better in school. Just…better.

This is why we are excited to announce a new project at Anderson Creative: Creative Breaks.

Creative Breaks is a monthly creative series where we will explore topics that get our (and hopefully your!) creative juices flowing. Each month we will deliver a topic of inspiration. What you do with it is up to you. So let’s take a little time every day, every week, every month to create something awesome.

We will be featuring some of our favorites here and across our social media, as well as motivating you to keep creating all month! Be sure to email us your Creative Breaks project or tag it with #creativebreaks2016 to be featured in an upcoming post.

Begin Again

As we settle into August and watch the hustle and bustle of the “back to school” season, we can’t help but retain the feeling of stepping into the next unknown chapter of life. “All the feels”, as some might say, come creeping back as we remember what it’s like to begin again.

So this month, our topic of inspiration is Begin Again.


Are you ready? I know we are. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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