We are an independent, lean team of creatives. Individually we are good. Together we are great.

Arin Anderson

Arin is an artist by definition and a creative professional by trade. Graduating Bradley University with degrees in Performing Arts & Public Relations, Arin has nearly a decade of experience in the creative, advertising, music, and design industry. Her artistic style is founded in her love for mid century modern architecture, geometric abstraction, and the psychology of human perception. Always having one foot in the arts and one foot in business, she has found a love of bridging the gap between the two and helping others do the same. She also has an unhealthy love for Fiesta Ware.

Jake Anderson

Jake is a creative director, entrepreneur, and musician born and raised in the Midwest. Nearly a decade in business operations and professional music has given him a unique perspective on what a creative agency should be and how the arts effect public perception and business results. He has played lead guitar with several nationally acclaimed independent artists, shared the stage with national touring artists, spent countless hours in studios, and developed a love for entrepreneurial business through music and the arts. Whether he’s working with national companies, start ups, or mom and pops, Jake has mastered the art of human connection…and doodling his notes.

Dylan Swindell

Dylan is a graphic designer and mixed media artist with focus on non-traditional methods and specialized talent in large format installations and street art. Dylan’s work explores the delicate balance between technique, emotional output, and ability to find truth in the midst of noise. He’s also a connoisseur of hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

Matt Gallegos

Matt is a media director with a love of travel, photography, cinematography, and production. With roots in independent music, technology consultation, and entrepreneurship, Matt is on the forefront of creative media techniques and applications. On the weekend, Matt can be found always livin’ la vida loca.


Our studio uses art, design, and mixed media to bridge the gap between art and business. We identify, develop, and implement creative…

Art & Design

Graphic Design

Print Design

Art Installations


Packaging Design

Product Design

Space/Environmental Design


Live Art

Trade/Exhibit Design

Mixed Media

Web Design/Development




App Design


Music Production


Interactive Media


Concept Development

Art Direction

Ad Campaigns


Web Content

Digital Strategy

Market Research

Analytical Management


Event Design



Identity Systems

Logo Design

Brand Audit

Voice & Tone

Messaging & Naming

Franchise Systems

Templates & Asset Management

Tool Training





We are a small studio and as such, we do not hire often. However, we are always keeping our eyes open for talented designers. Email us a link to your website portfolio to hello@andersoncreative.works. Please put “Job Application: Your Name Here” as the title.


We accept internship applications 3 times a year for summer, fall, and spring positions. Please email us a link to your website at hello@andersoncreative.works and include “Internship Application: Your Name Here” as the title.

New Business

We are always excited to meet and work with new businesses. Please send new business inquiries to jake@andersoncreative.works


Always surround yourself with people who think different than you. It’s the only way to grow. We are a team of creatives, and we are proud to work with some amazing industry partners. Think you might be a good fit? Email us at hello@andersoncreative.works

Let Us Buy You Coffee

Have an idea of how we might work together? We’d love to buy you a cup of coffee, a beer, or even a bottle of water and chat.