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Indianapolis Creative Branding company helping companies and brands work smart.
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About us

Creating Brands That Work.

We are a strategic branding and creative development group based in Pendleton, IN, just outside of Indianapolis. We love what we do and we do it well. We believe that no one knows your brand better than you. As your creative partner, it’s our job to listen to you and work with you. Together, we can create a brand foundation that will strengthen your efficiency, effectiveness, and consumer experience.

Better Business

You have a business to run. We know how to take that business and help define a creative foundation that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Music is essential to our creative process. See what we’re listening to!

About Our Culture

We are a team of creatives that bridge the gap between art and business.

We believe successful brands are created when artful design meets effective strategy.

Better Branding

Branding is more than a pretty picture. We help businesses find their unique space in the market by creating brand strategies from the inside out.
About Our Work

Don’t let art scare you. We create purposeful, creative, and human-driven design assets that work with your brand and budget.  

Our Team

We are a small team of creatives. Individually we are good. Together we are great.


Arin Anderson is an artist by definition and a creative professional by trade. Graduating Bradley University in 2009 with degrees in Performing Arts & Public Relations, Anderson has over eight years of experience in the creative, marketing, and design industry. Always having one foot in the arts and one foot in business, she has found a love of bridging the gap between the two and helping others do the same.

Arin Anderson

Owner & CCO
jake_headshot copy

With an extensive background in sales, operations, and strategic marketing, it is Jake's one mission to ensure things (and people) work together smoothly and effectively. Jake comes to us with 7 years of experience in sales management, logistics, strategic planning, and business development. He loves processes and we love him for that! In his free time, Jake enjoys playing lead guitar and watching live, local music.

Jake Anderson

Owner & Business Development
dylan_headshot small

Dylan is our resident artist turned graphic designer. Dylan defines his work as a balance between technique, expression, and an emotional reaction. His ultimate goal is to seek truth, and be unafraid to share what he finds. Spray can art is Dylan's vice; there’s an undeniable attraction to the wrongful-ness of doing something beautiful. We are excited for Dylan's journey and can't wait to share his custom illustration style with you.

Dylan Swindell


Larisha is our photographer of choice. She is the perfect compliment to our team of creatives. Her approach to photography is to keep things simple, classic, and artistic. She has a knack for working with each client, getting to know them and putting them at ease in front of the camera. She works mostly with natural light and has an appreciation for the raw natural beauty that surrounds us, trying to incorporate that into each session.

Larisha Yeakle


Amanda Keller is an artist, storyteller and creative thinker. Born and raised in Indiana, she uses her roots as a means to her artistic adventures. Her heart belongs to her craft, turning her paintings into whimsical characters, and telling a story using animals and color. Amanda has been honored with numerous awards, including NUVO's 2015 Artist of the Year. You can find her unique paintings all over the state, including the Indianapolis Zoo.

Amanda Keller

Art Manager

Ryan M. Brewer is a singer/songwriter by trade. He has self-released a critically acclaimed catalog and won several independent songwriting awards over the course of his career. Between tours, he has made consistent work for himself scoring films and writing jingles. As a composer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist - there is scarce a genre or style that would fall outside the scope of Ryan's skillset.

Ryan M. Brewer

Music Production

Matt has aways been interested in applying a creative approach to practical business strategies. He ventured into video production because he loved how it combined music, sound, story, and visual arts all into one medium. To Matt, the medium is less important than the story being told. Cinematography offers him the ability to combine many of these mediums to communicate to groups and individuals.

Matt Gallegos


Matthew Bloom is an equally talented researched and creative writer. He gets excited when he hears stories about small business/nonprofit passion and innovation like yours impacting the lives of clients and communities. He really gets a kick out of writing those stories to celebrate your hard work and build up your following. From web ads to stories, Matt has way with words and you'll want to hear what he has to say.

Matthew Bloom

Content Writer

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